David Myers M.D, CAP, FASAM
Addiction Medicine


David P. Myers, MD, CAP, FASAM
Dr. David Myers has been a leading practitioner in the addiction treatment field for the past 18 years. Dr. Myers is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and is a past President of the Florida Society of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Myers is a certified Medical Review Officer as well as a Certified Addiction Profession al in Florida. Dr. Myers has a long history of treating impaired professionals and is the Evaluator for West Central Florida for the Physician Recovery Network, the Intervention Project for Nurses, and the Florida Lawyer Assistance program and the Florida Bar. 

Dr. Myers is Medical Director and the founder of 
HealthCare Connection of Tampa, Inc. ,which is the largest extended care facility for impaired professionals in Florida. Dr. Myers is well known for his innovative approaches in the areas of ambulatory detoxification and treating dual diagnosis and is well known for his professional presentations relative to the field of addiction medicine. Dr. Myers h as also worked extensively in the area of treating indigent professionals and has developed the Professionals In Need (P.I.N.) program, which utilizes community resources along with time spent at HealthCare Connection to allow indigent professionals the opportunity to receive treatment. 

Dr. Myers has a special interest in patients with chronic pain who have had difficulty controlling their pain medications. He has developed an outpatient chronic pain program with special emphasis on using the least amount of pain medication possible and also allows quality living. Rehabilitation often involves group work as well as individual counseling.